Tips for massive wood tops maintenance

Selecting furniture can prove to be problematic when we do not own all the information needed for a documented decision. It is important that prior to selecting a piece of furniture to get to know the material this piece is made of. This is especially important if we consider table or kitchen tops. In this article we will focus on massive wood tops, on its strong points but also on its disadvantages.


A massive wood top is a very nice and elegant one. It will generate a warm and pleasant environment in any kitchen and also comfort to those preparing or serving meals. The massive wood top is an ideal surface for any activity in the kitchen. Generally speaking the massive wood top is made of a precious and superior quality wood essence. It is relatively easy to clean and available in a variety of models. The lifetime of wood tops is very long with the condition that the top to be very well taken care of; otherwise we can have scratches, deterioration and discoloration.


How can we take care of solid wood tops?
It is very important that any top, but especially the massive wood one, to be regularly cleaned. Solid wood tops are very resistant and useful but they can deteriorate especially when in contact with water. That’s why a greater care should be considered in places where water appears more frequently, such as the place where the sink is. It is very important that after using the sink not to let water on the top’s surface. The top must be quickly cleaned after spilling liquid on it; otherwise the liquid will penetrate the material’s pores. The water that stays a longer time on the top’s surface will discolor and blacken it. Besides these easy and effortless actions, there is the possibility to use substances that increase the top’s resistance to steam, high temperatures and moisture. For instance in order to get a water proof surface, the top can be treated with mineral oil or polyurethane on both surfaces of the top: above and below. The mineral oil generates inactive surfaces that don’t allow bacteria to grow.


In addition, one should take special care with solid wood tops when cooking. More specifically, a hot frying pan when placed on the top’s surface will leave marks very quickly. The solid wood top’s surface can quickly deteriorate when in contact with hot objects, and also can be scratched easily by a knife. Anyway, the great advantage of massive wood top is that these kinds of so called “mistakes” can be “corrected” quite easily by polishing and re-treating the surface with oil. The top can be protected by treating it with linseed oil. For the beginning an abundant layer of oil is applied and after 24 hours the excess is being cleaned off. Then the procedure is repeated but this time, using less oil. Afterwards, the top is rubbed with a cloth until it shines. This linseed oil is not a toxic substance, so it can be used without any issues in the cooking area.


As a conclusion, a solid wood top is a very wise choice, being both elegant and resistant. It needs a bit more care cleaning and treating it with oil.