A.T. House

The furniture for this very elegant house was a challenge for us both due to its quantity and to its complexity. The house has two kitchens, one with milled and painted MDF and american wallnut veneer doors and the other, the economical one, with melamine chipboard wiped bronze color doors. Some of the drawers have gold color foil applied on them, the effect is a spectacular one. A very nice color game resulted in the bathrooms by milling and painting the MDF doors as well as by painting the bathtub wall with painted HPL compact. The upholstered headbord of the bed in the master bedroom is very impressive. It has an american wallnut massive wood frame with stainless steel inserts. The office desk top has an insert of natural leather, giving it a suppplementary elegance touch. The drawers in the dressing room are covered in velvet and have a jewelery are also in velvet. The wine rack of the house is made of powder coated metal sheet with oak veneer MDF boxes inserts. Overall, lots of distinct elements which provided the project a complex nature.